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List of vacancies

Country Contract type
Position LocationContract typeDuration
Urgent A Deputy Country Director - ProgramYemen, SanaaFixed Term12 months
Urgent A Country DirectorSomalia, NairobiFixed Term
Urgent A Nutrition & Health CoordinatorYemen, SanaaFixed Term6 Months (up to 12 Months)
Urgent A Nutrition & Health CoordinatorAfghanistan, KaboulFixed Term5 Months
Urgent Field Coordinator AdenYemen, AdenFixed Term12 months
Humanitarian access managerEthiopia, Addis AbebaFixed Term6 months
Un Coordinateur Urgences (H/F)Roving Multiple Countries, Multi paysFixed Term5 mois
Un Coordinateur Eau, Assainissement et Hygiène (H/F) Chad, NDjamenaFixed Term12 mois
Un Responsable Marketing Social (H/F)Djibouti, DjiboutiFixed Term6 mois
Responsable Terrain (H/F)Central African Republic, BouarFixed Term4 mois
Coordinateur national Resilac (H/F)ChadFixed Term18 mois
A Human Resources Coordinator (M/F)Iraq, ErbilFixed Term12 months
A Finance Coordinator Yemen, SanaaFixed Term12 months
A Roving SMART Nutrition Survey Program Manager Roving Multiple Countries, Multi paysFixed Term6 Months
A Logistics CoordinatorAfghanistan, KaboulFixed Term6 to 12 months
Un Directeur Pays Adjoint - Fonctions Support (H/F)Burkina Faso, OuagadougouFixed Term12 mois
A Country DirectorJordan, AmmanFixed Term4 to 6 months
Coordinateur inter-consortia - Cellule FFU résilience (H/F)Burkina Faso, OuagadougouFixed Term30 mois
A WASH CoordinatorMyanmar, YangoonFixed Term12 months