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A Food Security and Livelihoods Head of Department - Sanaa, Yemen

Duration : 12 months
Start date : ASAP

Our work in Yemen  Salary & Benefits Living & Security conditions in this base

General description of the position

Under the supervision of the Deputy Country Director, you will have to guarantee the quality, relevance and scaling of FSL strategy and interventions at the mission, in conformity with ACF and international standards and national policies. 

Main responsabilities
  • Contribute to defining the country strategy as well as the strategy and positioning of the FSL technical department
  • Coordinate the identification of needs and the formulation of project proposals
  • Technically oversee the implementation of programs/projects and ensure the quality and cost-effectiveness of FSL intervention at country level
  • Ensure the active participation of Action Against Hunger ACF in national sectoral coordination and technical forums and develop sectoral partnerships 
  • Promote capitalization, technical development and research within the FSL Department  

Do you fit the requested profile ?

 You hold a Master’s degree in Agronomy, agriculture, international development or other fields relevant to urban or rural livelihoods, with at least three years of field experience with NGOs in food security activities.

You have a proven experience in proposal writing and in emergency response management. 

You are known for your ability to work independently, take initiative and live in sometimes solitary environment with significant restrictions on personal movement.

You have demonstrated experience managing complex operations in challenging contexts and excellent communication and inter-personal skills. 

Your English (both written and oral) is professional. Arabic is a plus.

Specific conditions / Salary

Remuneration and benefits :

  • Monthly gross salary from  1805 to 2305 € upon experience.
  • Per diem and living allowance: 630 € (cf eurocost) net, field paid.
  • + 12 % of monthly gross salary as country allowance.  
  • + 16% of monthly gross salary. For non French citizen for retrocession of retirement and unemployment insurance.  
  • + 100 € per month per child, limited to 5 children

Medical coverage100% coverage of medical expenses + repatriation insurance.

Leaves and RnR

  • 25 days of paid leaves per year.
  • + 20 RnR per year.   
  • + 215 € at each RnR period (averagely every 3 months).

Training :

  • 2/3 days training on finance tools before departure
  • Free and unlimited access to the certifying e-learning platform Crossknowledge ©.
  • Technical trainings at HQ or regional level (averagely 1 per year). 
  • Intermission Workshop once a year.
  • Participation to external trainings costs upon eligibility of the request.

Work context

Context:  Since the conflict between Al Houthi and the Saudi-led coalition that started in March 2015, Yemen has become one of the three emergency in the world and is thus facing one of the worst humanitarian crisis, with 80 % of the population who is now in need of humanitarian aid. The context is highly challenging in regards to access to the communities despite significant needs in the country. Airstrike, embargo, high prices, etc have caused a profound deterioration of the nutitritional situation and hundreds of thousands lives are at risk. 

Presentation of the mission: Yemen mission is a dynamic mission with large scale WaSH, Nutrition and Health/SMART and Food Security projects being implemented in host communities and IDPs settlements, Mental Health sector is being now developed. Country strategy combines emergency projects to address needs of the most vulnerable Yemeni in an holistic approach. In addition to that, ACF in Yemen is also the leading agency for the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM). With a team of 20 international employees and almost 300 national colleagues, ACF Yemen office manages a portfolio of projects for more than 17 millions €, in response to the Yemen crisis in Northern and and Southern Yemen. The donors range vary from institutional funds (UNICEF / European Union, ECHO, WHO,DFID, DEC and OCHA ) . To support the 3 operational bases, the coordination office is based in Sana'a. Yemen is considered as an instable country where security conditions do not allow a safe implementation of the projects. 

Our Food Security & Livelihoods activities in Yemen:

Working in Yemen since 2012, ACF had to adapt its FSL interventions since the crisis, going from livelihoods activities to life saving activities. 

Currently the FSL teams are implementing 2 types of activities in Hodeida, Lahj and Abyan (Hajjah being inaccessible because of security reasons):

  • Unconditional Cash Transfer: ACF is targeting the most vulnerable households of those governorates in order to help them to secure their access to food, to increase their purchasing power and to inahance the local economy through market functionality. After 1stdistribution round, ACF does a post distribution monitoring to monitor the use of this cash (food, health, education). 
  • Livestock distribution:  In the rural lands (with grazing and agricultural areas), ACF distributes livestock (mother goat/sheep) to the most vulnerable households. For every livestock distributed, ACF distributed concentrated feeds, medicines, mineral block, and cortex. In addition to ACF delivers training on animal husbandry management to provide beneficiaries with the means and resources to maintain their herds nutritious, healthy and reduce animal morbidity/mortality. 

In 2016, 12,316 individuals benefited from unconditional cash distribution and 3,019 individuals benefited from livestock distribution.

Security, working and living conditions: 

ACF is operationally working in 2 bases: Hodeida (to target the northern governorates) and Aden (to target the southern ones), with its coordination team located in Sana’a. In total, the Yemen mission counts 215 national staff and 17 international staff.

Sanaa has a very nice temperate climate. Due to its high elevation, the temperatures are much more moderate than many other cities on the Arabian Peninsula. Despite the current calm atmosphere in Sana’a, the security situation remains very volatile and the expatriates are not allowed to go to restaurants/coffee. In Sana’a, the expatriates live in a shared guest house (located next to the office), with electricity and internet. To balance with those movements/leisure restrictions, expatriates have a pool table and a ping-pong table at their disposition in the basement of the guesthouse. In bonus, if you’re a food lover, you will find our amazing Chef Ahmad and his delicous plates.

To know more about Yemen:

The ACF’s blog where you can find further information: (in French)

Our videos on our YouTube Channel:

Manager word:

"Yemen mission is looking for an appropriate candidate able to further develop the food Security programs and to initiate possible long terms Livelihoods programmes.

Technical support is required as well as frequent travels to the field to support the FSL team to improve their technical capacities." 

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