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Deputy Field Coordinator - Maungdaw, Myanmar

Duration : 12 months
Start date : 15/11/2017

Our work in Myanmar  Salary & Benefits Living & Security conditions in this base

General description of the position

You will ensure the coordinatinon of large operations across multiple bases/field locations including the supervision of program departments such as nutrition, mental health care practices, community mobilization, and water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Main responsabilities

Coordinate overall implementation and the quality of program at field level :

  • Leading and monitoring the Program Manager’s implementation of programs at field level, with support and collaboration of M&E Section, Heads of Technical Departments, and under the supervision of the Field Coordinator;
  • Monitor potential program delays or hindrances and timely report to Field Coordinator, suggesting corrective measures considering Programme team inputs and BFU recommendations;
  • Ensuring the synergy, coordination and efficient flow of information between Program Managers and Support services (logistics, finance, HR);
  • Collaborating with Field Coordinator, Head of Technical Departments, M&E to design new proposals; also ensuring that field inputs from Program Managers are timely received at coordination/technical level;
  • Ensuring the implementation of technical recommendations from internal audit, experts, consultancies and Head of Departments;
  • Ensuring that the MEAL (monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning) process is implemented at field level;
  • Identifying needs and contribute to project elaboration, contribute to strategy and the positioning of ACF in NRS.

Manage the team at field level:

  • Maintaining conducive and professional relations with team members and promoting a strong team spirit;
  • Ensuring proper flows of communication to all teams and disseminate updates and other info when relevant, particularly between program and support functions;
  • Supervising all direct reports, including technical/operational guidance, conflict mediation/management, HR situation follow up (contribution to recruitments, staff orientation/induction, action plans, appraisals, leaves, disciplinary measures);
  • Monitoring the implementation of the ACF Charter and prevention of frauds or abuses of power and inform the Field Coordinator when needed;
  • Providing capacity building and coaching to Program staff on project management best practices.

Facilitate the coordination system within the Organization (Field Office and technical HoDs) and with stakeholder on programmatic issues:

  • Providing regular updates to the Field Coordinator and technical HoDs on program implementation and being a facilitator between the field and the Office Coordination;
  • Ensuring adequate and timely technical and programmatic coordination with other actors, either operative partners or external stakeholder. Both on project design and implementation phases;
  • Ensuring that program teams proactively address relevant requests of support to technical coordination team;
  • Supporting the Field Coordinator in the facilitation of program visits, dissemination of field visit reports and recommendations follow up;
  • Coordinate the donors report writing processes at field level in collaboration with Programme Managers and with support from HoDs and Grant Development Coordinator;
  • Ensuring the timely and proper provision of to the FC of all relevant internal program related reporting documents requested to the Field Office.

Replace FC during absences and liaise with stakeholders on programmatic stakes:

  • Representing ACF with non-state actors (civil society network), UN agencies, NGOs, and donors at the field site level for program related topics, under the delegation of the Field Coordinator and in collaboration with the Program Managers. Representation with local authorities remains with the Field Coordinator;
  • Participating in the humanitarian coordination activities at field level and attending relevant program related meetings, workshops on program matters to represent ACF at local level;
  • Following up contextual and security analysis, ensuring that relevant information is passed to and implemented by field teams to guarantee the minimum security threshold. At the same time, ensure that relevant information is collected from field teams;
  • Performing all other tasks on behalf of absent/vacant FC as provided in the handover.

Do you fit the requested profile ?
  • You have proven experience on project/programme management
  • You have very good capacity of contextual and operative analysis
  • You have experience in multi donors programmes
  • You are able to work in culturally and ethnically sensitive environments, as well as in areas of conflict
  • You are able to both work in and lead teams
  • Computer literacy (conversant with database softwares is an asset)

Work context

Maungdaw/Buthidaung Field Office counts nearly 500 staff. There are 7 expats and 23 inpats. ACF carries on Nutrition/MHCP programmes (the bulk activity of the office); a multi sectorial  (WASH, IGAs, FSL) programme nutrition security focused, and a Community Mobilization component including all sector of intervention. Living conditions are acceptable, although Northern Rakhine State does not enjoy a stable internet and telephone connection (to the rest of the Country and abroad)  especially during rainy season that stretches from June to November. Connections with Sittwe and Yangon may be affected by weather (as boat is the only way to reach Buthidang and Maungdaw) for most of the year; those elements render Norther Rakine State a (comfortable) deep field location. Maungdaw also enjoy a small but cohese international community (around 20 persons). Security is stable at the moment but ethnical and religious tension make the situation fluid and unpredictable in the medium term. Constant care must be applied in relations with opposed communities and with local authorities at all times. ??

Manager word:

The ideal candidate is a proactive and versatile person, able to manage multi tasking assignaments and work under stressful and tight deadlines. She/he should also be flexible and out¬ of the box thinker to adjust to a rapidly changing situation. On the other side, challenges are balanced by the support of a stable and well established office and very well motivated and committed colleagues.  A sense of humor is also an asset. 

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