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  • Recruitment in Irak, Yémen and Afghanistan, several vacancies to be filled

A Rapid Response Mechanism Coordinator - Sanaa, Yemen

Duration : 8 months
Start date : ASAP

Our work in Yemen  Salary & Benefits Living & Security conditions in this base

General description of the position

You will lead the RRM program currently being implemented in Yemen.

You will have key accountability in external and internal coordination mechanism, strategically manage, technically supervise, and programmatically develop Action Contre Le Faim Response Mechanism programme in Yemen. You will  report to the deputy Country Programme. 

Main responsabilities

More specifically, you will be in charge of:

-  Definition of modalities, strategy, methodology of the RRM programme  by :

  • Ensuring that high quality assessments are conducted, responses are rapid, timely, relevant, well planned and meet the minimum standards. 
  • Conducting frequent field visits for the purposes of programme monitoring, Technical supervision and quality assurance.
  • Reviewing existing tools for assessment and reports as necessary
  • Reviewing thresholds for intervention as necessary and validate responses
  • Training the RRM team on rapid multi-sectorial assessment tools and reporting
  • Reviewing assessment and intervention reports prior external sharing
  • Ensuring that RRM Project is effectively and harmoniously implemented as one program, by developing coordination and communication framework, holding technical exchanges ,Generating, lessons learnt and best practices applicable to both bases. 

-  Coordination and Monitoring of the RRM Project : 

  • Develop the necessary M&E and implementation tools to ensure high quality programming. Work closely with relevant Head of Department to ensure the creation and use of tools for all sectors included in the RRM implementation.
  • Ensure that RRM project is highly integrated with ACF sectorial departments (WASH, Health and Nutrition and FSL) by Working with Sectorial Head of Department in efforts of identifying strategies, needs, synergies and opportunities for integrated rapid responses addressing the immediate needs of beneficiaries.
  • Provide monitoring framework to ensure that all sector (e.g. wash, health, food) the RRM receive adequate technical support and an oversight technical model is in place that will ensure program quality either through coordination with existing in – country technical lead/Head of departments and technical programme managers at the field level.
  • Oversee the program budget and the timely implementation of the project in line with the grant timeline and program objectives through timely and accurate reporting, monitoring project outputs against planned targets and suggesting adjustments/improvements where necessary
  • Reviewing, in coordination with the Program Managers and support departments, the needs of the different bases (HR, Logistics) for providing effective rapid response
  • Conducting regular field visits and (where security allows) monitoring of the project and producing Technical field visit reports with clear recommendations for field teams.
  • Liaising with relevant HoDs to conduct field visits to monitor quality of implementation/outputs (WASH/FSL/Nutrition)
  • Analyzing the results of the Post Distribution Monitoring and proposing solutions for improving our responses
  • Consolidating data and information management around RRM response 
  • Facilitating capitalization and lesson-learning exercises around the roll out of the RRM in Yemen – internally and externally where applicable.

-  External coordination with humanitarian partners and authorities :

  • Reviewing/editing and validating assessment and intervention reports produced by Program Managers to be shared with relevant partners at field/National levels.
  • He/she is responsible for ensuring Coordination of RRM responses with other humanitarian partners possessing emergency response capacity to avoid overlapping/facilitate synergies at field level through RRM programme managers
  • Acting as Focal Point for UNICEF at National level for the RRM project (quarterly meetings, information sharing, regular updates, project review, etc…)
  • Putting modalities and Following up with the field team to ensure RRM representation and that humanitarian needs identified in assessments are advocated for with Sub-Clusters and other hub level inter-agency forums, particularly on the recommendations produced by the RRM assessment reports, to increase coverage of needs where gaps identified or for long term interventions.
  • Map out and attend relevant coordination forums at the national level to ensure adequate coordination with relevant working groups (including Assessment Working Group) around RRM in Yemen.
  • At national level, the RRM coordinator is expected to initiate dialogue and regular updates with donors, local authorities and National level cluster leads on progress related to RRM programme in Yemen. 
  • He or She will participate in relevant and related RRM programme meetings with other RRM patners or in RRM national meetings with RRM patners or relevant stakeholders meetings.
  • He/ She will liaise with Technical Head of Department(FSL, Health& Nutrition and WASH) to ensure updates related to RRM programme are well articulated in national Health, WASH,FSAC cluster meetings

Managing the Rapid Response Mechanism Team

  • Recruiting the RRM Team and providing continuous orientation/training on the RRM methodology and tools
  • Assessing and updating the needs of the program in terms of human resources in the different areas of implementation
  • Provide technical Management the 2 Program Managers, RRM Deputy HoD, including development of action plans, and support to provide feedback on appraisals according to ACF procedures
  • Actively participate in preparedness and capacity building initiatives for RRM staff, partners and country level staff.

Do you fit the requested profile ?
  • You hold a Bachelor Degree, with a strong experience in first-phase humanitarian response with  2-3 years of international experience. 
  • You have previous experiences in working with remote management and support (at least 3 years) and previous ACF experience is preferable
  • You are fluent in English
  • You are able to work in complicated security environment

Work context

Based in Sanaa, with frequent field visits for the purposes of programme monitoring, Technical supervision and quality assurance.

Yemen is one of the three emergency L3 in the world. The needs in the  country are vey high and the context is challenging. ACF Yemen, in  partnership with UNICEF, is starting a Rapid Response Mechanism to  respond to critical humanitarian needs in the country.

This position will recruit, train, and manage a dedicated RRM team covering 5+ governorates.

Functionnal  relations with 3 HoD (Wash / FSL / Helath & nutrition, as weel as  with the Field coordinator, and collaboration with the support  department.

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