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A Rapid Response Mechanism Coordinator - Sanaa, Yemen

Duration : 8 months
Start date : 01/11/2017

Our work in Yemen  Salary & Benefits Living & Security conditions in this base

General description of the position

You will be responsible for the set-up and management of a multisectoral Rapid Response Mechanism according to ACF technical standards across different governorates of Yemen.

Main responsabilities

More specifically, you will be in charge to:


Recruit, train, and manage the Rapid Response Team 

  • Recruit the RRM Team and provide continuous orientation/training on the RRM methodology and tools
  • Assess and update the needs of the program in terms of human resources in the different areas of implementation
  • Manage the Program Managers including development of action plans, and appraisals according to ACF procedures


Responsibility for context monitoring, rapid assessments, implementation of emergency activites and reporting

  • Constantly monitor project outputs against planned targets and suggest adjustments/improvements where necessary
  • Review, in coordination with the Program Managers and support departments, the needs of the different bases (HR, Logistics) for providing effective rapid response
  • Conduct regular field visits and (where security allows) monitor the project and produce field visit reports
  • Liaise with relevant HoDs to conduct field visits to monitor quality of implementation/outputs (WASH/FSL/Nutrition)
  • Analyze the results of the Post Distribution Monitoring and proposing solutions for improving our response
  • Consolidate the data around RRM response


Coordination with clusters and other humanitarian partners

  • Coordinate the RRM response with other humanitarian partners possessing emergency response capacity to avoid overlapping/facilitate synergies
  • Participate in relevant coordination forums to share updates on the RRM (methodology, tools, results, operations, etc.)
  • Act as Focal Point for UNICEF at central level for the RRM project (quarterly meetings, information sharing, project review, etc…)
  • Follow up with the Clusters and other inter-agency forums, on the recommendations produced by the RRM to increase coverage of needs (where gaps identified)
  • Initiate the coordination with relevant bodies (including Assessment Working Group) around the revision of tools for rapid multi-sectorial assessment
  • Liaise with the Humanitarian Learning Platform in Sana’a to share lessons learnt in the implementation of the RRM


Budget and operational management 

Do you fit the requested profile ?
  • You hold a Bachelor Degree, with a strong experience in first-phase humanitarian response with  2-3 years of international experience. 
  • You have previous experiences in working with remote management and support (at least 3 years) and previous ACF experience is preferable
  • You are fluent in English
  • You are able to work in complicated security environment

Work context

Yemen is one of the three emergency L3 in the world. The needs in the  country are vey high and the context is challenging. ACF Yemen, in  partnership with UNICEF, is starting a Rapid Response Mechanism to  respond to critical humanitarian needs in the country.

This position will recruit, train, and manage a dedicated RRM team covering 5+ governorates.

Functionnal  relations with 3 HoD (Wash / FSL / Helath & nutrition, as weel as  with the Field coordinator, and collaboration with the support  department.

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