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A Deputy Country Director - Program - Yangoon, Myanmar

Duration : 12 months
Start date : 19/02/2018

Our work in Myanmar  Salary & Benefits Living & Security conditions in this base

General description of the position

You oversee the mission’s programmatic strategy, providing oversight of technical sectors, quality assurance and playing a leading role in program development.

Main responsabilities
  • Coordinate the planning and operationalization of the program country strategy and program cycle management
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL)
  • Externally represent and liaise for program development and fundraising issues with donors, authorities, UN, NGOs
  • Analyze Context and Humanitarian needs
  • Manage the Senior Programs Team

Do you fit the requested profile ?

We're looking for a senior programs profile; a person with a good range of experience in Program Development, MEAL and Program Cycle Management. The right candidate should be able to demonstrate a very good understanding of funding strategy and a variety of program sectors, particularly exposed to cross-cutting issues such as gender, DRR, protection and conflict sensitive programming. In particular, a good candidate would be someone who:

  • Has at least 5 years experience in the humanitarian or development sectors, in program management or senior coordination roles.
  • Has experience in developing positioning for multi-sectoral, multi-area programmes.
  • Can demonstrate strategic thinking around program design. Has led or been heavily involved in planning and program strategy-development.
  • Has a very good understanding of Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning in humanitarian aand development programs.
  • Has a proven track record of successful donor engagement, fundraising and funding strategy.
  • Is able to show an acute understanding of the humanitarian sector, having been exposed to, and engaged with, consortiums and donors.
  • Is experienced in working with national partners, overseeing partnership strategy and capacity building initiatives.
  • Has managed teams of international and national staff and is able to demonstrate team-building, motivational and capacity-building skills.
  • Knowledge of gender dynamics in aid delivery, protection mainstreaming, conflict sensitive programming is an added advantage.
  • Understands the challenges pertaining to short funding cycles, humanitarian operations and working under the pressure this creates. Able to show organizational as well as prioritization skills that allow to cope with high workloads and demands.
  • Would be willing to travel within Myanmar, which may often require vising and working in remote and low-resource environments.

Work context

The ACF Myanmar mission is undergoing programmatic and organizational changes in 2018, following a significant shift in the context of Rakhine State. As the crisis in Rakhine evolves, so is our mission, and the new focus for our Deputy Country Director-Program (DCD-P) reflects our organization's adaptation.

Despite the volatility of current humanitarian programming in the country, the mission still expects a to manage an overall volume of approximately EUR 5 million for 2018, spread across 10-15 separate donor contracts. These are focused mostly on Nutrition, Mental Health & Care practices

The mission is restructuring to address new needs and availability of resources. It also has planned on various scenarios for 2018, which will mean the DCD-P will be expected to help adapt the mission to new realities, manage change within his/her, team while maintaining a positive team spirit in the program team.

The programs department at Capital level is composed of senior international Technical Heads of Department for all of 2018, one Grants Coordinator for at least 6 months of 2018 and a national M&E Officer.

The DCD-P is an important senior-level position that will ensure cross-sectoral integration, oversee program strategy development, lead proposal and funding strategy with the support of the GrantsCo, ensure programmatic compliance. He/She will be expected to analyse and take into consideration a context where bridging humanitarian to development programming is of paramount importance, while also ensuring marginal improvements in the very restricted and sensitive operational environment of  Rakhine State. Despite contextual challenges, the mission is still presented with a number of opportunities that the DCD-P will be expected to capitalize upon to develop programming within and outside of Rakhine State.

The DCD-P shares with the Country Director (CD) the representational responsibilities for the mission for Consortium matters.

The current context presents regular operational setbacks due to a restriction in humanitairan space, safety and security issues. Most recently, post August 2017 the security within Rakhine State has become increasingly tenuous. During field visits, the DCD-P will be expected to follow strict security guidelines and work within a context that is highly charged. Otherwise in Yangon, the situation is calm and the living conditions comparable to most major world cities.   

Manager word:

The ACF mission in Myanmar has traditionally been one of the largest and most strategic for the organization. However following the Rohingya crisis of 2017, this has brought uncertainties as well as new opportunities. This is a challenging position in what is increasingly a volatile, highly politicised but extremely interesting context. 

You will be supported by a good and enthusiastic team of Heads of Department as well as a Grants Coordinator and M&E Manager - some of these positions will be turnign over in 2018, so there will be new energy and ideas. We are a progressive team, and as a decision-maker you will have the room to think out-of-the box in taking our programs in new directions. You will be expected to form a good understanding and working relationship with your counterparts, the Finance & Compliance Director, and the Country Director to co-steer the mission towards an ambitious 5 year strategy.

Myanmar offers an extremely interesting contextual working environment, as it changes politically, develops economically and deals with peace within its borders while positing itself on the international stage. These are exciting times to be part of the response. 

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