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MEAL Head of Department (M/F) - Sanaa, Yemen

Duration : 12 months
Start date : ASAP

Our work in Yemen  Salary & Benefits Living & Security conditions in this base

General description of the position

Since the conflict between Al Houthi and the Saudi-led  coalition that started in March 2015, Yemen has become one of the three  emergency in the world and is thus facing one of the worst humanitarian  crisis, with 80 % of the population who is now in need of humanitarian aid. The context is highly challenging in regards to access to the communities despite significant needs in the country. Airstrike,  embargo, high prices, etc have caused a profound deterioration of the  nutitritional situation and hundreds of thousands lives are at risk. 

Presentation of the mission: 

Since 2012, ACF has been present in Yemen and has been scaling up its emergency intervention substantially throughout  2016. The mission is now amongst one of the largest International NGOs  in the country and is recognized as one of the key emergency actors in  the country.  ACF in Yemen is responding to the current crisis using a  multisector emergency approach (Nutrition & Health, Food Security,  WASH and Mental Health programming), and to a multiple large-scale and  interconnected emergencies: conflict, food security and cholera  epidemic. Along with UNICEF, ACF designed and is piloting the country’s  first Rapid Response Mechanism, and is representative of the INGO  community on the HCT, ICCM, Access Working Group, the HPF Advisory  Board, and on the Steering Committee that manages evacuation for the  humanitarian community.

You will be under the direct supervision of the Deputy Country Director - Quality, where the main objective will be to contribute to increase the programs’ quality and impact through the implementation of an efficient monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning system adapted to local context.

Main responsabilities
  • Develop and roll out a technically sound Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system
  • Develop an accountability framework and roll out a light feedback and complain mechanism
  • Develop a learning framework 
  • Recruit, train, and manage the MEAL Team
  • External representation

Do you fit the requested profile ?

You hold a bachelor degree in Social Science, Management or relevant Sectors (Nut, WASH, FSL), with at least 3 years experience in humanitarian context, preferably in complex emergencies.

You have a relevant experience in humanitarian project monitoring and evaluation or developping MEAL systems. Plus, you have advanced command of Excel and at least one additional data packages like STATA, SPSS, etc..  

You are able to work under pressure and meet deadlines, 

You will have to be a team player with communication skills to train and/or coach your team, which imply remote management and support. 

You speak and write English fluently

Previous experience with ACF is preferable.

Specific conditions / Salary

Contract12 months fixed term contract under French legislation

Salary and profits:

  • Monthly gross salary from 1805 to 2305 upon experience.
  • Per diem and living allowance: 521 € net  - paid in the field
  • + 12 % of monthly gross salary as country allowance
  • + 16% of monthly gross salary as reimbursement of retirement insurance for non-French citizen.
  • + Child allowance, limited to 5 children

Transportation and accommodation:

  • Coverage of transportation costs to and in the mission.
  • Individual room in guesthouse covered


Medical coverage100% coverage of medical expenses + repatriation insurance.


Leaves and RnR

  • 25 days of paid leaves per year.
  • + 20 RnR per year.  
  • + 215 € at each RnR period (every 8 weeks).
  • Coverage of the transportation expenses to the RnR area of reference.


Training: Free and unlimited access to the certifying e-learning platform Cross knowledge ©.

Work context

ACF  is operationally working in 2 bases: Hodeida (to target the  northern  governorates) and Aden (to target the southern ones), with its   coordination team located in Sana’a. In total, the Yemen mission  counts  215 national staff and 17 international staff.

Sana'a has  0 expatriates working at the coordination level, including technical  and support department under the Country Director (CD) and Deputy  Country Director (DCD).

Security situation in Sanaa  remained under close observation with limited access to other agencies,  few super markets and official meetings in Sanaa. The security situation  in Sanaa limits the social aspects of a regular living (limited  personal movement outside the office or guesthouse, meeting friends  after office, shopping, etc.). Therefore, the applicant must have  willingness to work in such security context with minimized social  aspects of living.

Yemen is one of the three emergency L3 in the world. The needs in the country are very high and the context is challenging. ACF Yemen has been scaling up its emergency intervention substantially throughout 2016 and will continue to do so, especially in the field of Nutrition. 

ACF in Yemen implements Nutrition/Health, Food Security and WASH programming, and is recognized as one of the key emergency actors in the country. The mission in 2018 will have a team of 15+ expatriates, and a similar portfolio with addition of one Rapid Response Mechanism project. Security conditions remain volatile, and imply very strict security rules and limited opporunities for leisure or social gathering, which the candidate has to be ready for. Despite these constraints, field access for expatriate remains possible in the North of the country (South is being remotely managed from Aden base)

Manager word:

The position is based in Sana'a, where 9 expatriates are permanently based, and involves regular trips to field bases (Aden and Hodeidah). Living conditions in Sana'a imply movement restrictions, and limited opportunities for social gathering; and the applicant should be ready to evolve under such conditions and strictly follow established security rules. 

The mission has been suffering from many gaps in mangement position, hence has been struggling to keep internal monitoring to ACF standards.  This is what makes this position exciting: the MEAL HoD is expected to have a quick and significant impact on improving internal monitoring, beneficiary accountability, and program monitoring.  

Successful candidate will have to be able to work autonomously, absorb important workload, and be proactive in supporting the program team to improve relevance, efficiency and quality of programming.

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