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A Mental Health and Care Practices / MHPSS Program Manager - Mosul, Iraq

Duration : 6 mois
Start date : 15/07/2018

Our work in Iraq  Salary & Benefits

General description of the position

The program manager will be responsible for implementation, improvementand monitoring of the "Baby Friendly Spaces" program and teamsupervision. In addition, the program manager will be responsible for analysisand monitoring of psychosocial needs in Hammam Al Alil Camp. 

He/she will work closely with the nutrition program manager.

Main responsabilities

 •  Implement and monitor the care of pregnant and lactating women and children under 2 years of age within the "Baby Friendly Tents" in Hammam Al Alil Camp

•  Ensure program consistency and good collaboration amongst the nutrition and psychosocial teams for comprehensive care of the program beneficiaries

•    Ensure the capacity building of the team in charge of the Baby Friendly Tents

•    Identify the appropriateness of opening new sites and locations for Baby Friendly Tents in fixed settings or with mobile teams that could be implemented in coordination with the nutrition team

•  Ensure the quality of psychosocial activities and the monitoring of beneficiaries in the "Baby Friendly Tents"

•    Study and promote the use of community networks to raise awareness of breastfeeding and infant care practices in collaboration with the other nutrition program manager

•   Regular reporting on his/her activities: weekly sitrep, monthly report (APR), psychosocial assessment

Do you fit the requested profile ?

You hold a Master’s in Clinical psychology or psychology and have atleast two years’ experience in humanitarian sector as a manager. An experiencein emergency setting would clearly be an asset. You have experience in managingmother and child programs in integration with nutrition, knowledge in IYCF(Infants and Young Child Feeding) and care practices would be highlyrecommended. Your ability to set, manage priorities & take decisions isrecognized. You have proven leadership skills with large teams, and autonomyrequired. You demonstrate an excellent diplomacy, communication, andorganizational skills for coordination and referral purpose. 

Very Good proficiency in English (written and spoken) is required,Arabic would be an asset.

Specific conditions / Salary

Contract6 months fixed term contract under french legislation


Remuneration and benefits : 

·Monthly gross salary from 1600 to 1975 upon experience.

·Per diem and living allowance: 487 € (cf eurocost) net, field paid.

·+ 12 % of monthly gross salary as country allowance.  

·+ 16% of monthly gross salary as reimbursement of retirement insurance for non-French citizen.

·+ 15% of monthly gross salary as roving allowance. 

·+ Child allowance, limited to 5 children. 



Transportation and accommodation

·Coverage of transportation costs to and in the mission.

·Individual room in guesthouse covered 



Medical coverage100% coverage of medical expenses + repatriation insurance. 


Leaves and RnR

·25 days of paid leaves per year. 

·+ 20 RnR per year.   

·+ 215 € at each RnR period (averagely every 3 months) 

·Coverage of the transportation expenses to the RnR area of reference. 


Training :

·Free and unlimited access to the certifying e-learning platform Crossknowledge ©.

·Technical trainings at HQ or regional level (averagely 1 per year).

·Intermission Workshop once a year.

Participation to external trainings costs upon eligibility of the Request.

Work context

Hammam Al Alil sub baseHammam Al-Alil is a town about 30km south of West Mosul on the western bank of the Tigris River. The Hammam Al-Alil area is a sub-district of Mosul. The majority of the population are Sunni Arabs. Historically, the population had a reputation for having supported Saddam Hussein and subsequently for opposing the US coalition. Islamic State (IS) captured the town in June 2014 and occupied it until November 2016. Atrocities allegedly committed under IS rule included the massacre of 300 people in the town shortly before it was recaptured by the Iraqi government. During the battle for Mosul, tens of thousands of civilians were displaced, leading to the opening of Hammal al-Alil Camp 1 (HAA1) in February 2017. A second camp, HAA2, was opened in April 2017.

In HAA town and surrounds, the checkpoints are mainly manned by Federal Police and the Iraqi Security Forces. Population Mobilization Forces (mainly Sunni but also Shia) are present in areas surrounding HAA town (and sometimes within it). The situation remains relatively calm within the town, but regular incidents related to criminality are reported. The presence of remaining IS sleeping cells in the area also leads to regular asymmetric attacks against Iraqi Security Forces (mainly in areas surrounding the town). Thus, strict security rules are implemented: tracking of all movements, walking within the town is prohibited and there is curfew at 5.30pm.

HAA sub-base is operational, though no expats are based there permanently due to visa and access limitations.  Eventually 2 expats will be based in HAA, with regular movements to Mosul, and the option to return to Erbil for the weekend every 2 weeks 

The living conditions there are basic but sufficient.  

?The MHCP team currently consists of 6 Psychosocial Workers and 1 Team Leader (to be replaced by MHCP PM Assistant , plus a translator/ data entry). Hammam Al Alil camp 2 with a population of 20,000 IDPs

Manager word:

An opportunity to work in a stimulating and fascinating enviornment, making a difference to the lives and well-being of thousands of IDPs and others recovering from conflict and trauma.

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