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A Food Security and Livelihoods Head of Department - Amman, Jordan

Duration : 12 months
Start date : ASAP

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General description of the position

To establish and maintain the quality, relevance, and measured scale of the Action Against Hunger FSL strategy and programmes in Jordan for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian households in conformity with Action Against Hunger and international standards and national policies

Main responsabilities

1. Review the orientation of the FSL strategy in line with the mid-term review of the Jordan country strategy, ensuring integration with other programmes and strong leadership on cross-cutting issues

2. Spearhead FSL programme development, including breaking into new or expanding on existing thematic areas of programming (potentially including social entrepreneurship, value chain development, employment linkages, and cash-based interventions) through evidence-based decision-making and within the frame of a gender analysis

3. Maintain Action Against Hunger's position as a technically sound and well-informed actor in the FSL sector through inter-agency coordination as well as partnership development and management

4. Assess advocacy inroads and approaches on critical matters affecting FSL, in line with the humanitarian and development agendas in Jordan and Action Against Hunger's global and regional positions and priorities

5. Build and reinforce the technical capacity of Action Against Hunger's team in Jordan on the dimensions of FSL and its intersections with cross-cutting issues, particularly gender and environmental concerns

Do you fit the requested profile ?


You have a strong background in agriculture, economics, socially oriented development, or international affairs and have developed livelihoods projects in the past.

You have experiences working on food security (rather than livelihoods programmes), you have interest in projects mixing value chain development, solid waste management, cash transfer programming (largely cash for work), and social entrepreneurship and eager to work in a development mission. You have an appetite to get more involved with gender and to be part of a country-level change process of prioritising gender considerations.

The candidate should be a good team player, networker, and strategic thinker, and they should demonstrate initiative and creativity.

You are a team player who takes initiative, and are recognizes for your strategic thinking and your creativity.



Previous experience with ACF

Experience with urban programming

Work context

The Jordan mission is dynamic and rapidly growing, with large-scale WaSH and Livelihoods programmes being implemented in host communities and the Azraq refugee camp. Mental Health and Care Practices (MHCP) programming will begin in the very near future in the north (Irbid). The Jordan country strategy combines humanitarian and development projects to address needs of Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian through an holistic approach. With a team of 12 international employees and more than 100 national colleagues, the Action Against Hunger Jordan office manages a portfolio of projects for more than EUR 9 million, in response to the Syria crisis and its reverberating effects on development conditions in Jordan. Donor supporting these programmes range include the EU via MADAD, AFD, GIZ, SDC, and Taiwan. Action Against Hunger also works in close partnership with UNICEF. 

The coordination office in Amman supports the two operational bases in Azraq and Irbid.

Azraq base, with approximately 50 national employees, covers activities in Azraq Camp where Action Against Hunger is a core WaSH service provider and addresses the needs of 35,000 individuals. In host communities in Azraq town, Action Against Hunger is conducting Solid Waste Management programming implemented in collaboration with the Munipality and local farmers. 

Irbid is the fastest growing base of Jordan mission with currently close to 40 staff and the largest number of projects and grants. FSL, WaSH, and soon MHCP projects are implemented in host communities in Irbid governorate. 

Jordan is considered as a stable country where security conditions enable safe implementation of projects.

Manager word:

The FSL component of Action Against Hunger's portfolio has created unique and valuable inroads and is looking to enhance both its reach and sustainability. Therefore, we are looking for an appropriate candidate able to help the Jordan mission develop our Livelihoods programmes, and to be a part of a growing and dynamic team.

The FSL HoD will guide technical dimensions of the two current FSL programmes implemented in Irbid and Azraq. Expectations and support are different on both: the project in Irbid is to be started shortly pending governement approval, and follow-up to achieve targets will have to be done for the project implemented in Azraq town. 

There is currently no direct management required for this position but a Deputy HoD may be recruited in the future. 

If you enjoy taking up new challenges, are solution-oriented, have a zeal for programme integration, and are committed to gender equity, join the team! 

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