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A Monitoring Evaluation Analysis and Learning (MEAL) Head of Department - Amman, Jordan

Duration : 12 months
Start date : ASAP

Our work in Jordan  Salary & Benefits

General description of the position

You will be responsible for establishing, maintaining, and expanding the  systems, approaches and technologies used to ensure a well-informed evidence-based approach to Action contre la Faim's programmes in Jordan  for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian households in conformity  with our internal and international standards and national policies.

Main responsabilities
  • Lead on the growth, maintenance and evolution of the mission’s monitoring and assessment of systems and approaches
  • Lead the systematic and objective evaluation of ongoing and completed projects and programmes to keep Action contre la Faim’s work as relevant as possible to the needs and priorities of crisis-affected communities
  • Conduct analysis and interpretation, and ensure data quality, of information generated through monitoring, evaluation, and learning processes
  • Promote capturing and use of learning, technical development, and research within the MEAL Department and with programme teams
  • Manage the MEAL department as a whole and build mission-wide capacity in MEAL skills and concepts
  • Fulfil general responsibilities and contribute to broader Action Against Hunger Jordan operational quality and consistency

Do you fit the requested profile ?

You hold a Master’s degree or equivalent in quantitative / qualitative research methods for social sciences, statistics, international development, or related field complemented by significant experience in monitoring, evaluation, or data analysis.

You have at least 5 years of field experience with a humanitarian NGO in the MEAL sector (candidates with less than 5 years of experience will not be considered). And at least 2-3 years of experience in the same positions (or similar - field-based experience in a similar role is required).

You have experience working in developing and urban contexts with strategy, proposal, log frame, and theory of change development. You are known for developing and operationalising comprehensive monitoring plans, internal evaluations, and monitoring systems.

Experience working on the Syrian crisis or in the Middle East would be apreciated. 

English (excellent written and spoken) is required - Arabic will be a plus.

Specific conditions / Salary

Contract: 12 months fixed term contract under french legislation

Remuneration and benefits:

  • Monthly gross salary from €1805 to €2305 upon experience.
  • Per diem and living allowance: 642€ net, field paid.
  • + 16% of monthly gross salary as reimbursement of retirement insurance for non-French citizen.
  • + Child allowance, limited to 5 children.

Transportation and accommodation:

  • Coverage of transportation costs to and in the mission.
  • Individual room in guesthouse covered

 Medical coverage100% coverage of medical expenses + repatriation insurance.

 Leaves and RnR

  • 25 days of paid leaves per year.
  • + 20 RnR per year.  
  • + 215 € at each RnR period (averagely every 12 weeks).
  • Coverage of the transportation expenses to the RnR area of reference.

 Training :

  • Free and unlimited access to the certifying e-learning platform Crossknowledge ©.
  • Technical trainings at HQ or regional level (averagely 1 per year). 
  • Intermission Workshop once a year.

Work context

The Jordan mission is dynamic and rapidly growing, with large-scale WaSH and Livelihoods programmes being implemented in host communities and the Azraq refugee camp. Mental Health and Care Practices (MHCP) programming is in its intial stages in the north (Irbid). The Jordan country strategy combines humanitarian and development projects to address needs of Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian through an holistic approach. With a team of 12 international employees and more than 100 national colleagues, Action contre la Faim - Jordan office manages a portfolio of projects for more than EUR 8 million, in response to the Syria crisis and its reverberating effects on development conditions in Jordan. Donor supporting these programmes range include the EU via MADAD, AFD, GIZ, SDC, and Taiwan. Action contre la Faim also works in partnership with UNICEF. 

The coordination office in Amman supports the three operational bases covering Azraq, Madaba, and Irbid.

Azraq base, with approximately 30 national employees, covers activities in Azraq Camp where Action Against Hunger is a core WaSH service provider and addresses the needs of 35,000 individuals. In host communities in Azraq town, Action contre la Faim is conducting Solid Waste Management programming implemented in collaboration with the Munipality and local farmers. 

Irbid is the fastest growing base of Jordan mission with currently close to 80 staff and the largest number of projects and grants. FSL, WaSH, and MHCP projects are implemented in host communities in Irbid and Jerash Governorates.

Programming in Madaba is in its infancy, and is focused on reducing sedimentation in a nearby dam through a cash for work scheme to extend short-term livelihoods opportunities to the people in the area affected by slow economic development. 

Jordan is considered as a stable country where security conditions enable safe implementation of projects.

Manager word:

Action Against Hunger Jordan's programming is dynamic, strattling the humanitarian-development transition and truly capitalising on the value found in integrated programming. Therefore, the approach to monitoring, evaluation, analysis, and learning has to be equally creative. Action Against Hunger Jordan is looking to enhance both its reach and sustainability, but to do so in a manner true to the organisation's identity: we are an organisation grounded in the evidence produced by our programming and the guided by the voices of communities we strive to work closely with in meeting their needs and building their resilence. Therefore, we are looking for an appropriate candidate able to help the Jordan mission breathe new energy into our MEAL efforts, and to be a part of a growing and dynamic team.

The MEAL HoD currently directly manages the Information Mangaement Manager. 

If you enjoy taking up new challenges, are solution-oriented, have a zeal for programme integration, and are committed to gender equity, join the team! 

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