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Discover the RESILAC project !
RESILAC (Economic and socially inclusive recovery in Lake Chad) project is at the junction of humanitarian challenges, in a region facing multiple development challenges (socio-economic, ecological, hydrological and governance) and also facing significant political challenges linked to attacks and violence from armed groups.
exciting program combining humanitarian emergency, rehabilitation and sustainable development, is structured around 3 operational pillars (social cohesion among communities, progressive economic recovery, strengthening capacity of key institutional actors in the region), and one pillar around knowledge production, which will enable a strong agility and fine understanding of the regional context and its evolutions..
RESILAC project strives to create a converged network around the numerous challenges faced around the Lake Chad Basin.
The RESILAC project, funded by the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa and the French Development Agency, is led by a consortium of three main partners, regional and thematic experts: Action Against Hunger (Lead NGO), CARE and Groupe URD. The consortium also works closely on strengthening social cohesion (especially with CCFD-Terre Solidaire network) and it will build alliances with other members and civil society and work with relevant national authorities and other institutions.
You can help us rising this amitious and pioneering project, by bringing your expertise and strategic thinking!

Your career will flourish and take wider perspectives thanks to the challenge and renown of RESILAC!


At national level: You can become National coordinator in Nigeria or Chad

Have a look on the current vacancies:
Nigeria - National coordinator
Chad - National coordinator
At regional level: You can become Regional Coordinator or Technical Advisor in Chad

Have a look on the current vacancies:
Chad - Regional coordinator
Chad - Economic recovery Advisor
Chad - Knowledge production Advisor
Chad - Capacity building and institutional action Advisor
Chad - Strengthening and human capital and social cohesion Advisor
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